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Welcome to HCU!

Welcome Buddy Programm

The HCU Welcome Buddy program is aimed at helping the new international students (including exchange students) to settle well into their studies at the HCU as well as with living in Hamburg. HCU students that are well acquainted with the student life, from their experiences with living in Hamburg and studying at the HCU, sign up as Buddies to support the newbies during the early periods of the study semester. From before arrival to Germany, through the uneasy first days in Hamburg and getting familiarised with the university, the new students have someone they can always reach out to (their Buddies).  

What to know about the Welcome Buddies

- A buddy is a student from a higher semester that guides you and is concerned about your well-being in studying at the HCU and living in Hamburg.
- Your Buddy supports you and provides you with relevant information on the first formalities (getting a phone number, registration of your new address, opening a German bank account, getting your residence  permit, etc.).
- Buddies know the possible difficulties that may arise at the beginning of the studies, and they can help to answer open questions, based on their experiences.

Furthermore, shortly before the commencement of the lectures at the HCU, the AStA organises the Orientation Week (OE-Week), which is a Welcome Week for the new students comprising of various events that focus on aligning the new students with studying at the HCU, thus ensuring a good start for the newly admitted students. 

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